Experience the cloud based KeeneticOS features now!
Access to the emulator remotely and experience cloud-based KeeneticOS! Usernam: demo Password: demo
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Which Keenetic is right for you?
Get the most out of your Internet connection with Keenetic. Just answer five simple questions, and we will help you!
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Push the limits of your Wi-Fi with Hopper
Push the limits of Wi-Fi in your home and business with Keenetic Hopper's AX1800 Wi-Fi speed and KeeneticOS software that powers it.
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New! Keenetic Pro Series
Proudly introducing: Orbiter Pro and Voyager Pro with dedicated Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer, PoE ethernet ports and Keenetic RMM remote monitoring/management
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Keenetic Hero 4G+
Reliable and continuous connection
With its powerful hardware and distinctive wireless performance, Keenetic Hero 4G+ offers continuous, backupable internet connection. Enjoy high speed and advanced KeeneticOS with your fiber or 4G internets!
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1 Year Additional Warranty
Register the Keenetic device you purchased during May and get an additional +1 year warranty for free!
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Keenetic Titan
Here's your new Titan: with AX3200-class wireless capabilities, dual-core ARM CPU and multi-gigabit ethernet and high-speed USB port.
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WPA3: Highest Protection for Your Wi-Fi Network
All Keenetic devices have the latest WPA3, WPA3 Enterprise and OWE wireless security protocols. For the security of your wireless network, we recommend that you upgrade your network to WPA2-PSK + WPA3-PSK protocol.
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Smart Router for your Smart Home
Whatever your smart home system is and smart devices you have, they all need reliable and convenient internet access, as well as safe management.
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Keenetic Omni DSL and Extra DSL
The best for VDSL/ADSL Lines
The high speed VDSL2/ADSL2 + modem allows you to fully benefit from the internet coming to your home.  Unique software and hardware features: Extra DSL and Omni DSL
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Keenetic Start
Don't settle for less
The most affordable model on the market with Multi-WAN, a controlled 4-port switch, additional Wi-Fi modes, a universal client, and even a VPN server.
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