Unique Whole Home Wi-Fi Capabilities

Start with one. Add more to fit any growing home or office

Wi-Fi is a core essential of the modern home. Keenetic routers deliver reliable, continuous and secure Wi-Fi throughout your home. Starting from one main Keenetic router, as your demand grows, you can add Keenetics as Wi-Fi extenders to grow from a single node system to a centrally managed Mesh Wi-Fi System. Wi-Fi System configuration can be optimized depending on your personal performance and usage requirements through leveraging existing Ethernet wiring to connect extenders or using wireless mesh connections. The multi-node Keenetic Wi-Fi System will ensure seamless roaming throughout your home regardless of its structure and dimensions.
All Keenetic mesh Wi-Fi devices are able to work in “router” or “extender” mode. You can optimize the configuration of your home network based on your personal requirements for performance and usage at particular locations.

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