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By pairing your Keenetic device to the Keenetic App you can manage your multi-node Whole Home Wi-Fi System, including multiple locations, from anywhere in the world. Within minutes, you are able to control home networks, you can see connected and registered devices, and enable securely isolated Wi-Fi for your guests. Setting up weekly schedules for members of your family, monitoring their Internet activity, managing content restrictions or pausing the Internet from the palm of your hand could not be simpler.

Key features:

  • User account and cloud data storage features allow you to manage the network from any mobile device.

  • Remotely add a router by CloudID (CID) easily plus automatic device search in your local network.

  • Set up your Keenetic in any operation mode using Initial Setup Wizard.

  • Whole Home Wi-Fi System configuration and monitoring.

  • Works even if the IP address on the Keenetic's WAN interface is private. Maintaints access to your router when switched to the backup channel. No additional settings required.

  • Global statistics. The cloud retrieves and stores data from any group of devices or users for up to a month.

  • The Family Profiles features allow you to manage groups of connected devices that share a common owner.

  • Remotely wake-up your home network devices using the Wake on Lan feature.

  • Events notifications.

  • End-2-end encryption feature and key registries secure all transmitted data.

  • An interface for quick access to support and for sending diagnostic information.

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