Additional Wi-Fi Modes

Each Keenetic is four Wi-Fi devices in one!

Any Keenetic model can be used in the Wi-Fi Repeater or Access Point mode to extend the range of an existing wireless network. And the Adapter mode can help you connect non-Wi-Fi devices that have an Ethernet port to your wireless network.

Keenetic routers, thanks to their specially designed 5dB high precision external antennas, provide significantly better signal quality and coverage than compact repeaters with built-in antennas. Any Keenetic can be switched to any of the additional modes using the web interface or a simple hardware switch.

Wi-Fi Access Point
This is the best scenario if you want to extend the coverage of an existing Wi-Fi network while maintaining maximum performance. Connect an additional Keenetic to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and then connect your wireless devices to it. By default, in Access Point mode, the wireless network will work with the password and network name that appear on the Keenetic's back label, but you can change them to the parameters of the main router for automatic roaming

Wi-Fi Repeater
The Repeater mode extends the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network without laying additional cables. Keenetic copies the wireless network settings of your primary router, so your wireless devices can switch between them without having to change the settings, depending on the signal levels at any point in your home. If you have two Keenetic devices, all you need to do is press the Wi-Fi button on each of them.

Wi-Fi Adapter
In Adapter mode, Keenetic operates as a wireless bridge, providing Wi-Fi access to all devices connected to its network ports. This way, you can avoid running an Ethernet cable to your IPTV, computer, or other device that does not have a Wi-Fi adapter.