Continuous Reliable Internet Connection Features

If one ISP fails, another kicks in

Your Keenetic gives you the freedom to use more than one ISP regardless of the connection types and service packages you have signed up for. A real stand out feature of your Keenetic is the capacity to connect easily to multiple ISPs simultaneously for failover and load balancing using DSL, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G links. If you experience a break in service from an ISP your Keenetic router will automatically and seamlessly switch to a different working ISP so your smart home will stay smart 24/7.

All Keenetic devices have this feature, however the types of connection is model dependent.

  • Keenetic Start, Keenetic Lite, Keenetic City and Keenetic Air models are ready to accept as many ISPs as it has ports in its manageable switch, plus one connection can be wireless (WISP mode) through a Wi-Fi network provider.

  • Keenetic Omni, Extra, Giga and Ultra models, in addition to the described above features, have another option to connect to the Internet - a variety of 3G/4G/LTE USB modems.

  • Keenetic Omni DSL and Keenetic Extra DSL, on top of that, have built-in ADSL2/VDSL modem, which adds another connection option.

Cleverly, Keenetic routers can cope with the situation where your backup ISP doesn't include a global IP address. This is a unique feature of Keenetic routers called KeenDNS. Running KeenDNS in Cloud Mode you can get web access to both router management and home devices via HTTP/HTTPS protocols.