Founded in 2010, Keenetic is an ambitious, innovative designer/developer & vendor, focused on Wi-Fi routers for SOHO and retail clients.

Keenetic has a mission to deliver commercially useful cutting-edge Wi-Fi router performance without energy & memory thirsty pointless gimmicks. Our products are simultaneously affordable and employ market proven robust hardware with optimized software to capture and keep happy, loyal customers. Since 2010 several dozen models have been launched, and the number of users of our brand has exceeded seven million.

Keenetic understands that business is done between people and that it is as important to listen as to preach, so Keenetic has built complex customer and distributor support infrastructures that allow prompt complaint resolution and clear product development guidance. A great selling point of our offerings is their continuous suitability for current market customer needs and the modular architecture that allows Keenetic products to grow with the clients’ needs.

Our management team has more than 20 years of successful collaboration in the field of residential Internet access technology development. This experience has been gained in the highly competitive, very demanding, and extremely price sensitive markets. We believe that growing up in such a commercial cauldron has made Keenetic lean, decisive and a good and fair commercial partner ready for the global market.